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This Video Is Nuts

This Video Is Nuts

This Video Is Nuts

Logan Paul got bit by his dog in the worst place imaginable.

So naturally he uploaded the video to social media so that fans and haters alike could laugh at his misfortune. One of those interested observers happens to be former UFC light heavyweight champion and unapologetic dog lover Jon Jones.

“Logan Paul, I watched this like 20 times and I have laughed hysterically every time,” Jones wrote in his Instagram stories (via Mirror). “Man that must suck, hilarious.”

“Bones,” owner of his own dog “Dutch,” ended with the hashtag “Dog Life.”

The 34 year-old Jones was attacked by a dog while training at the local police academy back in 2012, which is unintentionally hilarious when you consider his current relationship with the boys in blue (spoiler alert: it’s not good).

Unfortunately, Miesha Tate was not there to save him.

No word yet on when Jones will make his oft-teased (and long-delayed) debut at heavyweight but the promotion is expected to get something booked by the end of the year. Whether or not it’s against this rumored opponent remains to be seen.

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Author: Jesse Holland
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