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‘F*ck Mayhem Miller’ – Michael Bisping Recounts First Run-In With Nate Diaz In Elevator

‘F*ck Mayhem Miller’ – Michael Bisping Recounts First Run-In With Nate Diaz In Elevator

‘F*ck Mayhem Miller’ – Michael Bisping Recounts First Run-In With Nate Diaz In Elevator
Michael Bisping

Former UFC middleweight champion, Michael Bisping has recalled his first run-in with fellow Ultimate Fighter tournament victor, Nate Diaz ahead of his December 2011 clash with Jason Miller – where the Stockton native encouraged Bisping to defeat the latter.

Bisping, who scooped The Ultimate Fighter 3 tournament in 2006, would go on to clinch the undisputed middleweight title before the close of his lengthy career, as well as receive an induction into the Modern Wing of the UFC Hall of Fame.

The Manchester-born favorite has since turned his hand to analyst and color commentary work for the organization, after his 2018 retirement, making his pay-per-view commentary debut for the promotion earlier this year. 

Michael Bisping recalls his first-ever meeting with Nate Diaz in an elevator in 2011

Hosting on his official YouTube channel – Bisping detailed his first-ever run-in with the aforenoted, Diaz, with the pair sharing an elevator ride, which ended with Diaz urging Bisping to defeat the above mentioned, Miller, following the infamous Strikeforce: Nashville brawl. 

“I’m in Denver, Colorado – there’s a fight; Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson vs. Jon Jones,” Michael Bisping said. “I was a guest fighter, and I walk into an elevator, and there’s Nate Diaz. We didn’t know each other – there was a lot of other people in the elevator, it wasn’t like this weird, stone-cold silence. There was other people in there but everyone was doing that whole elevator-thing where no one talks and just stares forward, all a bit awkwardly.”

“And then as Nate Diaz got out the elevator before me – because remember the Strikeforce riot with Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz and Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller and all the rest of it,” Michael Bisping explained. “As Nate Diaz walked out the elevator before the doors shut, he turns around and goes (points two middle fingers) ‘F*ck Jason Miller, f*ck ‘Mayhem.’ He was doing an F ‘Mayhem’ in a solidarity attempt in Michael Bisping attempting to dethrone him.”

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