MMA Fighter Does Conor McGregor’s Billi Strut After His Opponent Collapses Due To Exhaustion


MMA fighter Bernardino Pereira picked up a big win over Alberto Mangue at Txaya Fighting Championship on Saturday (February 26) in Mozambique.

The bout came to an end when Mangue collapsed to the floor due to exhaustion. Pereira had little sympathy for his stricken opponent and proceeded to bust out several dance moves including Conor McGregor’s signature strut. The 32-year-old also shadowboxed while his teenage opponent was attended to by the ringside physicians.

Thankfully, Mangue was eventually able to get back to his feet and after he was done celebrating, Pereira sat down and began to show his fallen foe some respect.

In the build-up to his fight at Txaya FC, Pereira claimed to have a taekwondo background and says he has been training in the sport for as many as 18 years. He also named Conor McGregor and Israel Adesanya as two of his biggest influences.

What do you make of MMA fighter Bernardino Pereira mimicking Conor McGregor’s billi strut while his opponent lay stricken on the floor?

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Author: Jordan Ellis

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