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‘Reverse Clark Kent’ Kevin Holland saves man in 18-wheeler crash

‘Reverse Clark Kent’ Kevin Holland saves man in 18-wheeler crash

‘Reverse Clark Kent’ Kevin Holland saves man in 18-wheeler crash
Kevin Holland poses for photos after his victory over Alex Oliveira at UFC 272.
Kevin Holland poses for photos after his victory over Alex Oliveira at UFC 272. | Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

The UFC welterweight recently found himself as the first man on the scene of an overturned 18-wheeler.

Kevin Holland’s propensity for making the news with outside of the cage heroics continues unabated. The longtime former middleweight fighter and current UFC welterweight is just a couple months removed from helping disarm a gunman at a Houston Sushi restaurant, but on a recent episode of the ‘Fighter vs. the Writer’ podcast, he had a whole new story to tell. One he said scared him more than any others.

Holland explained that he was driving down the freeway in his “Batmobile” Buick Regal, when he saw a tractor-trailer headed down the on ramp. Before making it onto the freeway, however, the truck ran off the road, sliding down an embankment and overturning in the process. Holland, naturally, got out to lend his assistance.

“I get the guy out, there’s fluids flowing out of the car, I get the guy out of the truck and I’m scared,” Holland explained. “Every other time things have happened, I’ve been calm, cool and collected. This time, I’m scared. I’m like the truck’s going to blow up. The guy gets back in his truck! He’s like ‘I need my phone.’ I’m like bro, I got a second phone in the car, you don’t need your phone. We’ve got to go. He’s like ‘I’ve got to go get my sh-t.’

“So I help him get out the second time, and I’m like bro, we’ve got to go. He’s like, ‘I think I need something else out of the truck.’ I’m leaving. As I turn around, there’s a cop there and I’m like, ‘Hey, what’s going on? ‘He said, ‘You tell me what’s going on — who’s driving, you or him?’ I’m like no, no no, my car is down there. So that’s one of those situations, I should probably stay my ass in the car.”

Holland went on to explain that he theorizes the driver likely fell asleep at the wheel. Unfortunately, when police showed up, it sounds like he had to convince them he wasn’t involved.

“The guy was perfectly fine but all of a sudden when the officer pulled up he was [screaming]. I was like you’re playing.” they immediately accused him of being involved with the accident.”

The 29-year-old Travis Lutter disciple with a love for Batman went on to explain that he always wanted to be a superhero growing up—and that his regular run-ins with dangerous situations are a clear sign to “be careful what you ask for.”

“What I’ve learned talking to a good friend of mine, she actually has a fight coming up, she said ‘my boy, when you do ratchet hood stuff, you take your glasses off,” Holland said. “When you do good stuff, you keep your glasses on. You’re reverse Clark Kent.’ I like that a lot so I might start calling myself Clint Kark.”

‘Trailblazer’ is currently set to return to the Octagon on June 18th in Austin, TX. He’ll be facing off against longtime welterweight action-fight veteran Tim Means in a main card bout at the Fight Night event. A featherweight top contender’s bout between Calvin Kattar and Josh Emmett is currently scheduled for the main event.

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