Ruotolo Bros Interview & ADCC Trials Recap with Moses Solis | Open GuardCast Jiu-Jitsu Podcast – 131

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June M. Williams

Welcome to Bloody Elbow Presents the ‘Open GuardCast Jiu-Jitsu Podcast’, which is a project dedicated to promoting jiu-jitsu professionals. Our guests this week are The Ruotolo Brothers and Moses Solis.

Welcome to ‘The Open GuardCast Jiu-Jitsu Podcast’, which is a project dedicated to promoting jiu-jitsu professionals. Tune in each week, Wednesdays at 2PM CST, on our ‘Bloody Elbow Presents Podcast Network’, for interviews, and current events going on in the world of jiu-jitsu and submission grappling!

Your host is Danny O’Donnell. In addition to hosting this podcast, he is an MMA journalist contributing here at Bloody Elbow, as well as at Black Belt Mag. O’Donnell himself is a BJJ black belt who trains at the Marcio Andre Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Phoenix, AZ.

For our current events segment of the show, we were joined again this week by our guest Moses Solis, a brown belt under Jay Pages, owner of ‘Jay Pages Jiu-Jitsu’, Arizona’s Premiere MMA Training Center.

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June M. Williams
This week Moses Solis returns to discuss Current BJJ Events with Danny!

For the Current Events Segment of the show Danny and Moses did a thorough breakdown of the ADCC West Coast Trials:

  • Women’s Semi-Finalists for the -60kg Division: Brianna Ste-Marie, Natalie ‘Tata’ Ribeiro, Amanda Bruce, & Jasmine RochaAt 2:01
  • Women’s Semi-Finalists for the +60kg Division: Tara White, Paige Ivette, Amy Campo, & Elizabeth Clay At 11:06
  • Semi-Finalists for the 66kg Division: Keith Krikorian, Damien Anderson, Josh Cisneros, Gianni Grippo — At 16:49
  • Semi-Finalists for the 77kg Division: William Tackett, Chris Wojcik, PJ Barch, & Andy Varela— At 24:29
  • Semi-Finalists for the 88kg Division: Mike Crisp, Jacob Rodriguez, Hunter Colvin, & David Garmo — At 32:03
  • Semi-Finalists for the -99kg Division: Devonte Johnson, Mario Gonzalez, Paul Ardila, & Elder Cruz — At 37:19
  • Semi-Finalists for the +99kg Division: Kyle Boehm, Raymond Grande, Damon Ramos, & Daniel Manasoiu — At 41:02

Upcoming Events — At 46:48

  • IBJJF PanAms – April 6th-10th
  • AJP Tour Orlando – April 16th

Our Guest Interview this week was with none other than The Ruotolo Brothers —

Danny catches up with the Ruotolo brothers; Kade and Tye Ruotolo to discuss growing up in jiu-jitsu, their successful run in 2021, competing in the gi at the IBJJF Worlds, and signing with ONE Championship. — At 47:17

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June M. Williams
The guests for this week’s Interview Segment were the Ruotolo Brothers!

Q1: To kick things off I’d love to hear about how it felt to finally get your black belts… — At 47:46

Q2: Can you talk about ‘Who’s Number One’ specifically? How did that organization give you a platform to really take off in 2021? — At 49:52

Q3: Were there any matches in particular that were your favorite (in 2021)? — At 51:34

Q4: After you hit the buggy choke, you see people attempt it in competition all the time now. It’s become a move that everyone does now and of course it was influenced by you. How do you feel about people using it in competition, being that the move was spearheaded by you? — At 53:12

Q5: What was it like to get back into the gi after focusing on no-gi for so long? — At 54:09

Q6: What do you guys have planned for the gi? Do you guys want to take part in the IBJJF grand slam events? — At 57:09

Q7: Can you talk about your experience at the ADCC East Coast Trials and qualifying at 77 kg’s? — At 58:05

Q8: What was the match like with William Tackett? — At 1:00:58

Q9: Can I get your thoughts on the 77 and 88 kg divisions at the ADCC World Championships? — At 1:01:45

Q10: What was your initial impression of signing with ONE Championship and what are your plans for MMA and grappling with them? — At 1:03:10

Q11: How important was it for you guys to have the ability to compete in other arts where you can really round out your skillset and become a complete mixed martial artist? — At 1:05:57

Q12: I’d love to hear about how your MMA training is going so far… — At 33:47

Q13: How long ago did you guys start putting those gloves on and doing rounds and how has it been going? Do you feel like your progress has been consistent with your progress in jiu-jitsu? — At 1:07:24

Q14: Who are some of the main guys at Atos that you guys are training MMA with? — At 1:08:08

Q15: You guys have a little MMA team now that you’ve built up from scratch… — At 1:09:42

Q16: Do you guys have any sponsors or friends you’d like to thank? — At 1:10:24

You can follow Danny on twitter @DannyOD_BJJ, or insta @dannyod_bjj. The show’s insta is @openguardcast, or the same name on Fb. The Ruotolo Bros. can be followed on Instagram @ruotolobrothersjiujitsu.

Be sure to tune in for next week’s show & learn more about the world of jiu-jitsu, on Wed, April 13th, at 2PM CST, for Episode 132. We will have another fascinating BJJ interview, as well as current events going on in the world of jiu-jitsu and submission grappling!

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